Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My American Dream: Stop Blaming the Uninsured

I am frequently bombarded by political agendas...most of which I agree with and a few I don't. I don't "rock the boat".... I feel like everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. We don't always know another's personal journey that is swaying their perspecitve.
I keep hearing the argument for ObamaCare (which I have been against for personal reasons since I first heard of it and thought it to be unconstitutional) that it's what needs to be done to keep taxpayers from having to pick up the slack and pay for those without insurance.
I feel this "how DARE you" kind of accusation is a generalization. Not everyone who is uninsured doesn't pay their medical bills.
I pay my medical bills. I have had insurance and still paid medical bills. I have paid OFF countless medical bills from numerous medical facilities all of my adult life.
Will someone please explain to me how people are getting away with not paying their medical bills when they do not have insurance? Are these the few that just simply don't pay? How do they get away from the phone calls and collection agencies? The threatening notices in the mail? They simply ignore it with no consequences? If that's so, it isn't right, and they should be held accountable to pay for what services they received.
Our family has tried multiple kinds of insurance over the years. For my family, it was not worth it to pay for premiums, then deductibles....never ever seeing any real payoff or savings...for doctors who never helped us in the first place!
The doctors we wanted to go to when the "approved" doctors failed us, were usually not covered by ANY insurance plans. After years of playing this game so as to be on the side of the "good guys", we concluded we were wasting thousands of dollars for no answers. Run of the mill tests that never led them in a direction to actually help the problems we were having, ending with a shrug of the shoulders and a shove out the door.
When we started choosing alternative treatments, we were happy to pay out of pocket! These doctors listened to us and treated us like human beings with real value. They prescribed things like diet and supplements that actually worked! We learned about therapies we had never heard of before that dramatically improved our quality of life. It was worth more to us to drop our useless insurance and use the money to pay for answers....and the bedside manor was an added bonus!

What about Well Checks?
Don't believe in them. They check if you are well, so they can make you sick. Just a front to push vaccinations, that I DON'T WANT.

What if we need to go to the Emergency Room?
We have. We did. And we pay monthly on the bill.
It is still more affordable, because if we had insurance, we would be paying a premium each month, AND would still have had to pay for the ER visit because the deductible, being so high, would not have been met.

What if someone gets cancer?
If someone gets cancer, I want to be as far away from the pharma shrills as possible!
What if I get pregnant?
Well, this baby factory is closed....but if it weren't, I still wouldn't want conventional medicine anywhere near my baby.
Complications? Bleeding? Unresponsiveness?
You got me. I would ask for help. And I would be happy to pay for it.

Yes, if we are in a car accident or severely burned, broken or bleeding...stopped breathing or had a heart attack....then, yes, I would have to resort to those professionals, and I would be grateful.

But that's MY choice, isn't it? Isn't it MY choice as an American to be able to decide to whom I do business with and when?

Shouldn't I be able to decide where to buy my groceries? No? The government knows the best place for me to buy groceries? What if I like rhubarb and they don't sell it? What if I want organic produce? mean the government knows better, and they say that organic food is crap, so I have to go and shop where they say I can? And if I don't I get a huge fine? And maybe my kids are taken away? All because I disagree on with the Federal Government on where to make a purchase?

I do not have insurance.....not because I couldn't afford it or wasn't offered it, but because it didn't make any sense for me to pay outrageous premiums and deductibles for something I would hopefully hardly ever use.

If a tragedy did occur, I would be of course more than willing to pay on it monthly, and use my tax returns to pay off the debt. Everyone has debt! College students! Should they not get an education if it means going $20,000 or more into debt? What about vehicles? An SUV will cost you more than that! People buy boats, or motorcycles...add a deck on the house....get a pool....
I won't have the luxuries of many Americans, and that is fine by me. My family's health is way more important than material things.
Because MY American dream is the freedom to think for myself, to choose how my money is spent, and to have a say in my children's medical care.
What is yours?

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